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Millions of tourists have experienced their favorite American destinations on a Scooter. Its easy operation makes a  scooter perfect to experience your favorite coastline.

Visit us to see why Scooter touring has become a favorite American pastime. With a 50cc motor and classed as a moped in Florida so it can be driven by anyone with a regular drivers license. The fully automatic transmission, twist and go controls, and safety features make it the perfect vehicle for cruising on Gulf Blvd.

Scooter Lance Cali Skyblue


 Scooter PCH50

PCH 50

Scooter PCH125


Scooter Wolfbrand RX-50

WOLF 50cc

2 Hours


Half Day (3HR)


Full Day


24 Hours


1 Week

Please ask

OR CALL US AT 727.800.4482

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